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NOBODY has a nutrition TEAM like we do!  We have been helping people implement and understand proper nutrition for over 19 years and counting.  We are here for individuals who are very serious about obtaining their goals and eliminating excess bodyfat.  Whether it be competing in a contest, preparing for an athletic event or losing fat to increase quality of life, we provides you the science, accountability, and support that you will need.   Read more


What is macronutrient based nutrition?

  • The macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol.  The process of tracking your macronutrients is simply knowing exactly what nutrients you are putting into your body to accomplish a certain goal by a certain time.  For example losing 50 lbs by your 25th wedding anniversary in 4 months.

  • Muscle weight, body type, lifestyle factors, bodyfat distribution, TDEE,  performance or physique objectives and time frame all come into play in determining your protein, CHO, and fat needs

  • We embraces a holistic approach to fat loss NOT solely a model based off restriction.  Expansion is a concept often overlooked in nutritional intervention strategies.  

  • Each plan is individually designed and no two are the same even though separate people may have the same height, age, weight, etc…

  • Our nutrition system encourages a healthy relationship with food.  Team members are able to eat their favorite foods, fitting them into their macronutrient profile and not feel guilty or shamed.

  • Macros are KEY but micronutrients such as fiber must be in place as well, all plans account for this

  Macro Missionary: Team Member Requirements

  • Possess a high desire to succeed and follow a plan from start to finish

  • Must be proficient in basic email

  • Proficient with any food tracking software or willing to learn(Excel, Fit Day, Calorie King,  My Macros, My Fitness Pal etc) 

  • Positive team oriented attitude

  • Be willing to communicate your progress 

  • Be coachable and able to follow directions


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