Jesse Dale Nutrition Coach & Co-founder MacroMissionary


Jesse has been helping the community get in shape since he started in the industry at 18 years old working as a personal trainer.

His passion for health, fitness and nutrition has been fueled through his pursuit of education. Jesse went to Oakland University where he pursued a degree in Exercise Science he also acquired 5 national certifications from the American Council On Exercise (ACE) International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) World Instructor Training Schools (WITS) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a several specialty certifications in nutrition.  In 2012 he went on to get his CrossFit level I certificate and his Powerlifting Specialty certificate through Westside Barbell.  In 2015 Jesse obtained his USAW Level I coaches certificate and in 2016 he added a 4th nutrition certification through Eat To Perform.  In 2018 Jesse added another nutrition certification through the Nutritional Coaching Institute by completing and passing his Level I exam  Continuing education has always been a large priority for Jesse.   Jesse won the Club Solutions Magazine Most Fit Health Club Professional award and was nominated for trainer of the year in PFP magazine. Jesse specializes in nutrition, leadership, and coaching.  Jesse has been actively competing and judging within several organizations since 1998. In that time he has achieved 3 Overall Titles and earned his IFPA Pro Card.  Jesse is available for seminars for your gym neighborhood or business.  Email

Contest History:

  • 1998 NPC Novice Michigan Teen Champion

  • 2003 NANBF Lake Cities Championships 1st place Medium Class

  • 2004 NPC Novice Michigan 1st place Middleweight

  • 2004 NANBF Central Michigan Championships Overall Champion

  • 2004 NPC Flint Mid Michigan Overall Champion

  • 2004 NPC Ironman 1st place Middleweight

  • 2007 OCB Motown Muscle Classic IFPA Pro Qualifier Overall Champion

  • 2008 NPC Natural Ohio Middleweight Champion

  • 2010 NPC Northern Kentucky Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)

  • 2010 NPC GNC Classic Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)

  • 2010 NPC Indianapolis Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)

  • 2010 NPC Ironman Middleweight 1st Place & Overall Champion

  • 2011 NPC Indianapolis Middleweight winner

  • 2011 NPC GNC Classic Middleweight winner

  • 2013 SPF Push/Pull Powerlifting Champion submasters & open

  • 2015 SPF Push/Pull Powerlifting Champion submasters & open